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Glossary of Terms

This glossary explains the key terminology used on the eIntegrity Portal, associated websites and this support site.

Activity data
The data recorded by the Portal relating to any learning activity, including time spent on specific learning sessions and scores achieved (where appropriate).

eIntegrity learning content is generally arranged in the following hierarchy: programmes > modules > sessions. 
However, within the Portal, the term ‘course’ is also used from time to time to denote a ‘module’.

Provides global access to high-quality, accessible healthcare e-learning online. eIntegrity’s programmes were originally developed for the National Health Service by the UK’s medical royal colleges, NHSE e-Learning for Healthcare and other leading professional bodies. This e-learning is now available worldwide, through eIntegrity, for the benefit of the global healthcare workforce. All net income from licensing is reinvested in updating and developing these programmes.

elearning for healthcare
Part of NHS England (NHSE) Technology Enabled Learning (TEL). The elearning for healthcare (elfh) team works in partnership with the NHS and professional bodies to provide e-learning to educate and train the health and social care workforce in the UK. This e-learning is licenced to the UK private sector and globally through eIntegrity.

e-learning resource
A body of e-learning content, accessed via software to deliver learning and training electronically.

The Hub is a learning management system developed for the NHS workforce in the UK. The eIntegrity Portal is hosted on the Hub.

Learning path
This learning approach is tailored to a specific user audience, condition, treatment or investigation.

A module is a collection of sessions. Generally, these sessions are grouped together in a module by subject or theme. Modules are often grouped together to form a programme.

The Portal is a Learning Management System (LMS). You can use the Portal to find e-learning content that is relevant to your training needs and learn at your own pace anywhere, anytime. The Portal stores your learning activity so you can use this as evidence of your training or continuing professional development.

A programme is a structured collection of modules, sessions and learning paths that is relevant to a specialty, condition or job role.

Quick link

This is a unique code to identify an e-learning session. The quick links can be found in the session information (accessible via the ‘i’ buttons in the My e-Learning section of the Portal).

A session is a structured collection of pages, which is relevant to a specialty, condition or job role.
Sessions are usually arranged into modules by theme.