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Activity data

  • What information is included in activity data?
    • Activity data falls into two categories:

      Identifiable activity data, which includes:
      • your name
      • which e-learning resources you have accessed
      • date of access
      • time spent on those resources
      • assessment scores (where appropriate).

      Anonymised activity data (i.e. individual names are not included)
      Summarised information, including:
      • e-learning which has been accessed
      • e-learning which been completed
      • time spent on those resources
      • aggregated assessment scores.

  • Who can see my e-learning activity data?
    • You can view all your own activity data. eIntegrity administrators can also view your activity data but purely for the purposes of administering our systems.

      If you are accessing the e-learning content in association with an employer or a professional body, these organisations may have access to your learning records and activity.

      Anonymised activity data (where your personal details will not be shown) is available to various partner organisations and suppliers for the purposes of improving our services and offerings to learners.

      Find out more in eIntegrity's Terms and Conditions.