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Starting and progressing through your e-learning

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Starting my learning

  • How do I get started?
      1. Log in to the Portal.
      2. Go to the My e-Learning section on the main menu.My e-Learning menu option 'highlighted'
      3. Your available programme(s) will be listed.
      4. Select the downward arrow next to your programme in the left-hand panel to show the contents:Available 'My e-Learning' programmes
      5. Select a title to view the contents and locate your learning. Keep clicking through the hierarchy until you reach the session listings.

              e-Learning session titles shown before selecting the 'Play' button

         6. To open your session and access the e-learning, select the ‘Play’ button. Your learning resources will launch in a new window. 

            When you have completed a session, you can close the browser in the usual way.

            Find out more and download our Quick Start Guide.

            Further information on each individual programme can be found on the eIntegrity website.
            This includes curriculum links for some programmes and other additional resources.

  • Can I start multiple sessions?
    • No. If you try to launch a second session, the system will warn you that you already have a session underway. Close the first session first before trying to open another.

      Each session you have started but not completed will have a ‘Incomplete’ status, indicated by the icon below:

      Incomplete status icon

  • How can I see which programmes, modules, learning paths and sessions I have started?
    • You can check which content you have accessed in three ways:

      • You can run a report from the My Activity section.
        Find out more about reports.                    
      • Every piece of content in the My e-Learning section has an icon which shows your status for that piece of learning.

              Find out more about status icons.

      • You can filter your search by looking for content with a 'Not Started' status.
        Find out more about filtered search.
  • How can I check on my progress?
    • There are two ways to do this:

      • You can run a report from the My Activity section, which will show your progress on a given programme or across all programmes.
      • Every element of content in the My e-Learning section has an icon which shows your status for that piece of learning. The status of programmes, modules and learning paths is determined by your activity on the sessions underneath that component. If you access a session, this will be marked as ‘In Progress’. If you complete all the sessions in a module, this is marked as ‘Completed’.

        Find out more about:
  • How do I know which session I last completed?
    • Use the ‘Recent Activity’ panel on the Portal home page. It shows the last 15 sessions you’ve accessed so you can easily return to your recent learning.

      'Recent Activity' panel denoting session status'

  • Can I stop my session at any point and get back to the same page later on?
    • Yes. To leave the session, simply close the browser window. The last page you viewed will be recorded in the system. The next time you access the session, the same page will open. This does not apply to multiple-choice question (MCQ), Scenario or Assessment sessions as these are designed to be completed in one sitting.

  • What do the status icons mean?
    • Look for these icons to identify the status of your sessions and programmes:

      Not attempted status icon Not attempted

      Incomplete status icon Incomplete

      Completed status icon Completed

      Failed status icon Failed

      Passed status icon Passed

  • How do I find my 'completed' sessions?
      1. Select the arrow to the right of the search field:

      Search the e-Learning step 1

         2. Select the correct status on the filter box:

      Search the e-Learning step2

      Search filter box showing completion status'

        3. Select the 'Search' button.

        4. The listing will only show sessions matching the status you have selected.